Medicare Supplements in Granada Hills and Chtasworth


Medicare Supplements

Medicare is very confusing with many options that are difficult to understand. We focus on what is best for you, our client. 

There is no cost for our service. We get paid by the insurance company, but our loyalty is with you, our client. 

Why use us?

We are Medicare experts with years of experience in Medicare. 

We are able to make sense of all your options and our clients say we explain them in an understandable straight forward manner. 

We take our time and answer all your questions.

Once you picked a plan, we will be there to answer any question or help with any issues that may come up in the future.

Our clients don’t call the insurance company, they call us instead.

Medicare Advantage

A Medicare Advantage Plan is an additional health plan choice offered to those eligible for Original Medicare (Part A and Part B).

These plans usually have zero or very low monthly payments.

Call us today for a free consultation and we will help you pick a plan that works for you and meets your needs.

We have hand-picked the Medicare insurance companies that we work with in order to best meet your needs.

Most importantly, we will be there to help with any questions or issues in the future. We have YOUR back for years to come.

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What is Open Enrollment?

The typical period of open enrollment, also called the annual enrollment period (AEP), is October 15th through December 7, approximately 7 weeks. Millions of Americans are shopping for and purchasing Senior Medical products during this time. We encourage you to begin the process early to give yourself ample time to make the most informed decision. 

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Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D, also called the Medicare Drug Plan, is a federal program to reduce the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries.

We offer several options for your drug plan. 

During our free consultation, we review any and all prescriptions your current have and find a plan that will cover those drugs and save you money. 

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